Out on iTunes October 17th!

7 years, 5 albums and more than 2 million record sales after the first hit of Within Temptation, ‘Ice Queen’, Sharon took on a new challenge. She was invited into the studio of Armin van Buuren, with ‘In & Out of Love’ as the stunning result. A sure-shot at dance floor mayhem and big hit on the radio, with the official music video passing a staggering 100 million views on YouTube.
With Sharon’s voice still haunting the minds of millions of dance lovers, it should come a no surprise that record company Armada Music has kept a close eye on the Dutch singer. This year, she’s going full speed with her band Within Temptation, making their comeback the album ‘The Unforgiving’. The second single is the catchy ‘Sinéad’. Mixing underground rock with pop and dance, makes ‘Sinéad’ a track calling for some EDM remixes! And so we did.
Benno de Goeij, mastermind behind the Rank 1 moniker and co-producer of Armin’s ‘Imagine’ and ‘Mirage’ albums, delivers a strong and contagious remix of ‘Sinéad’. Mixing piano, dramatic strings and energetic synths with the soothing but intense voice of Sharon, make up for a moving, musical fusion.
Hungarian duo Myon & Shane 54, masterminds in melting two sounds into one, hand in a remix of pure melodic gold. Sharon’s voice rides a warm progressive-house sound, crawling under your skin within no time.
Last but not least, Estonian producer Rene Pais delivers a warm, big-room translation of ‘Sinead’ under his Clashback moniker. If you’re looking for something to madden the crowds, this remix will be the perfect energizer.

1.Sinead (Benno de Goeij Remix)
2.Sinead (Myon and Shane 54 Triplet Monster Mix)
3.Sinead (Clashback Club Mix)
4.Sinead (Clashback Radio Edit)