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One of the most talented and open-minded singer/songwriters in EDM invited you to remix her ‘Crucify’. Emma Hewitt, the Australian voice that’s been warming us up ever since bursting onto the scene in 2007, gave all upcoming producers carte blanche to remix the upcoming single of her ‘Burn The Sky Down’ album. And the results are showing! After listening to the incredible amount of entries, Emma picked the winner. Congratulations to Estonian duo Cold Rush!

Erkki Abel and Robert Roost are the lucky ones to be named the winner of the official Emma Hewitt Remix contest! Their remix of ‘Crucify’ is driven by a dark, proggy depth, but also unfolds a warm, synthy break. Bringing out Emma’s distinctive vocals, the Cold Rush remix will make a perfect addition to the official single release of ‘Crucify’ on the Armada Music label!

But that’s not all that the guys have won through the contest! They’re now also the proud owners of the amazing TC Helicon Voicelive Touch, as well as 5 artist series sample DVD’s of choice by Loopmasters. Congratulations once again, guys!

Other finalists, that nearly made it to the number one, are the remix of Brad & Victor H, Loud Light, Azima and Valen Tyno. Great job, all of you, definitely keep going!

Your remix didn’t make it as the winner? Don’t worry, you can test your skills in the Sied van Riel remix contest for ‘Carved By Your Hands’! Hurry up, cause the contest ends December 28th. Check the info here: