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A pop-sensation returns – given a very warm welcome. William Naraine’s voice resounds once more, this time in a multi-style remix package of his ‘If I Could Fall’. Remixes by some of the hottest EDM talents of today.
Italian DJ/producer Nick Corline kicks in with his 2011 translation of this classic. His ‘Elettro Remix’ focuses on the chorus, underlined by tight synth-sounds. Tech-house pleasure also takes over on Korteman’s ‘WL Remix’. While his rework features twisting popular house sounds, Andy F’s remix returns to tight tech-house elements. It’s getting big on Che Jose’s remix of ‘If I Could Fall’. Hailing from Sydney in Australia, Che delivers a fine blend of prog- and tech-house with an extraordinary break down and a big-room pay-off.
If you prefer hammering basslines, Italian producer Ricky Rinaldi is your man. His ‘My Apologies Remix’ includes the finest in acid-house, backed up by vocoded vocals and tight beats. Prog-house lovers may join the Twin Stars down their road of dark synths and bold beats. The same goes for Lanfree’s remix of ‘If I Could Fall’, who also added a melodic pay-off to the vocal beauty. Italian duo Jack & Joy deliver a perfect piece of summer with their ‘Heavenly Remix’. Euphoria till the very last beat! Delicate in its sounds but big room in its effect is what goes for Vincenzo Callea remix. Last, but certainly not least, the Housesellers present traditional house elements with strong piano lines on their ‘Classic Mix’. Plenty of options to choose from, we may say.