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Dutch producer Wezz Devall likes his music to kick in hard. And so does his new track ‘The Big Adventure’, a playful fusion of electro-trance!
Since the release of his ‘Free My Willy’, ‘This Is Your Day’, ‘Future Tomorrow’ and the magnificent W&W collab ‘Phantom’, Wezz Devall has been on the rise, heading up and only up. Slick remixes, a warm but hard-hitting sound and the determination to strive forward have made the Devall name a must-see. With ‘The Big Adventure’, the youngster kicks off a track that’s lively with every bit of melody and each pounding beat. A perfect blend of playful electro shocks and trancy synths make up for another winner on the floors.
Heading for the deeper side of ‘The Big Adventure’, is Dutchman Ruben de Ronde. He produced a remix that’s slightly harder than we’re used to hearing from him, but that doesn’t make it any less tasty! It’s techy, tasty and about to get the speakers rocking.

1.The Big Adventure (Original Mix)
2.The Big Adventure (Ruben de Ronde Remix)