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In what can only make the global crowds go crazy, We Are Loud & Justin Prime show off their skills once again. ‘Tomorrow Sounds’ is teeming with big vocals from Grey MTTR, hulking synths and all-around badassery and without a doubt as formidable as its predecessor. It’s the buzz of today with the sounds of tomorrow!

Directed and Produced by Matthew Laeng
Production: LAENG Productions
Production Supervisor: CJ Rhone
Aerial Cinematographer + Behind-the-Scenes Video: RJ Hansen (Rjslifee)

Lead Actor: Peter Sakowicz

Supporting Actors/Actresses:
McKenna Donahue, Harley Bronwyn Kraft, Greg J. McCullough, Cristina Stefan, Teodora Bramsche, RJ Hansen, StaggerLee Cole, Shelby Thompson, Cindy Le, Nathaniel Devish, Blake Converse, Sommer Weeks, Carol Lopez, Zina Curtean, Shweta Pandey, Courtney Rose Hernandez, and Hannah Evans

Party Guests / Background / Extras:
Seth Tyler, Nathan Hesselman, Danielle Miller, Nick Prussing, Sarah Dean, Tiana Lee, Malaya Valenzuela, Jeremy Ku, Kelsey Harrison, Emilie Humberstone, Sally Kaye, and Sean Kai Raffety

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