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Ever chasing the boundaries of musical fusion and walking the fine line of producing and songwriting, Australia’s tyDi fills silence with another outstanding E.P.. Showcasing the diversity of his sound through 4 solid tunes, get ready for a wicked ride!

Following their ‘Acting Crazy’ collaboration, tyDi hooks up with UK singer Sarah Howells once again. ‘When I Go’ is the warm, emotional result of two talents joining forces. Layered, rich and rushing in, ‘When I Go’ made up for a perfect remix duty for Canada’s Arnej. He gave the tune a tighter, rough edge, accentuating the warm voice of Howells. His remix is big, techy and kicks in hard.

On his ‘Look Closer’ and ‘Shooting Stars’ album, tyDi already proved to be quite the expert in the ambient, down-tempo soundscapes. Through ‘Nightfall in Suburbia’, he confirms that. A mesmerizing, intriguing song that stands out with piano, Spanish guitar and everything else to take you along on its journey.

‘Never Go Back’ is one of those tyDi favourites that you don’t easily forget. But his latest collaboration with singer Brianna Holan might just awaken a new fascination. ‘Home’ is the original and contagious new collab of these two, getting stuck in your head before you know it.

The final treat to this extensive tyDi E.P., is his collaboration with the upcoming Maison & Dragen duo from Finland. Together with singer Toni Nielson, the three talents fade the boundaries of electro, trance and house, bringing one big melting pot of styles with the big-room solid ‘Walk On Water’. An effective tune that hits you right where needed.


1. When I Go (Original Mix)
2. Walk On Water (Original Mix)
3. Home (Original Mix)
4. Nightfall in Suburbia (Original Mix)
5. When I Go (Arnej Remix)
6. When I Go (Radio Edit)
7. Walk On Water (Radio Edit)
8. Home (Radio Edit)
9. When I Go (Arnej Radio Edit)