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1998 house classic ‘Billie Hendrix — Body Shine’ returns to the dance floors! We welcome its timeless house sound with an impressive pack of remixes!
A contagious kick, hard-hitting beats and a melody that catches you, each time it hits in. ‘Body Shine’ was one of those tracks that kept the house vibe going, years after its first release. Now that 2011 is about to hit twenty-twelve, ‘Body Shine’ returns with two new remixes.
First off, there’s the big-room, maddening remix of Dabruck & Klein vs. Stafford Brothers. German producer-duo Dabruck & Klein already featured this prog-house jewel on the Hands On Armada Vol. 2 compilation, rocking it to an absolute max. This collab with Australian producers Stafford Brothers, the number one Australian DJ duo, hopefully won’t be the last one!
The Deejane Angel D & The Whiteliner remix is another peak-time fit addition to the remix pack, hitting in with all the right kicks and a massive build-up to blow your mind.

1.Body Shine (Dabruck & Klein vs Stafford Bros. Remix)
2.Body Shine (Deejane Angel D & The Whiteliner Remix)
3.Body Shine (Club Version)
4.Body Shine (Radio Cut)