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1. Everywhere I Go
2. Everywhere I Go (Original Mix Edit)
3. Everywhere I Go (DJ Demand Mix)
4. Everywhere I Go (Jan Loper Mix)
5. Everywhere I Go (Nick Swede Vox Mix)
6. Everywhere I Go (Nick Swede Dub Mix)
7. Everywhere I Go (PUSH Remix)

Two essential names in trance history, would be Ricky Simmonds and Stephen Jones. Working under guises such as Lustral, Oxygen, Ascension, Chakra and The Space Brothers saw them releasing more than 50 records within a decade, and scoring up to 13 UK Top 40 hits.

One of those hits is ‘Everywhere I Go’. With a re-release of this beauty, timeless trance has found its way back again. Included in the package, is a remix by Push, Nick Swede, Jan Loper and DJ Demand.

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