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It’s been proven several times. When combining an outstanding piece of electronic music with rock, the outcome is something bigger than big. Brazilian producer Klauss Goulart confirms this once more. After his ‘Hidden Light’ collab with Dutch master M6, he uses the rock recipe on his new track, ‘The BlackSmith’. On this musical fusion he teams up with Minneapolis band The King & The Thief, known for their warm, ambient rock sounds.
Ambient rock and progressive trance? It might not be the first combo that comes to mind, but we guarantee: this one will rock your world, whether your world is rock or EDM. ‘The Blacksmith’ rides a warm, deep progressive melody and delivers soul-soothing trance sounds in the break. Making this one stand out, are the vocal lines, bringing out the best of both worlds. A perfectly arranged production, one not to miss out on!