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There’s a special musical bond between Malta’s duo Tenishia and Dutch producer Ruben de Ronde. After the success of their collabs ‘Story of Life’, they joined forces for a new story to tell: ‘Marsascala’.

With high quality and award-winning productions such as ‘Outsiders’, ‘Reasons To Forgive’ and ‘Burning From The Inside’, the IDMA nominated duo Tenishia enjoy an honorable position as one of dance land’s most promising talents. Their prog-trance sound makes a

perfect blend with Ruben de Ronde’s deep bass and playful melodies.

‘Marsascala’ is the ode to an old village on the beautiful isle of Malta and home base of the Tenishia studio. It rides the rough edges of progressive and the depth of a melodic trancer. ‘Marsascala’ gets in your system, either at first or multiple play.

To complete the package, Russian producer Alexander Popov brings a big-room construction of ‘Marsascala’, taking the prog-trancer to an even higher height.