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One summer morning, The Bearded Man was asleep under a baobab tree in the African Savanna. A family of tiny birds had nestled into his lengthy beard, making it their home for the night. All was calm, and a feeling of sublime peace ruled over the land. A humble chirping sound awoke our hero, and he noticed that one of the tiny birds in his beard had a broken wing and was unable to fly. In the wild, this bird would surely die soon. The Bearded Man pulled out a piece of gum and a matchstick, and he mended the baby wing. When he was finished, he said goodbye to the birds and told them they could return at any time. He felt great! Shortly thereafter, a large cane rat came out of nearby shrubbery, asking for food from The Bearded Man. Our hero said: “Eww NO! I’m not going to help you, besides you look fat enough already!” The cane rat’s feelings were hurt terribly, and he trotted off, depressed. Many years later, that cane rat went on to become the CEO of a multi-billion dollar conglomerate. When The Bearded Man was looking for DJ gigs in North America, he realized that all the top booking agents were subsidiaries of that conglomerate. The spiteful cane rat had blacklisted our hero, making sure that none of his promoters would ever book him in the U.S. “That’s what I get for not helping him when I had the chance,” The Bearded Man thought to himself. He was sad. Then, an older (but still tiny) bird flew onto his shoulder. He said: “Remember me? I’m the baby bird whose wing you fixed in the Savanna so long ago. Now it looks like you need my help — I know what to do.” And with that, the little bird flew away. The bird couldn’t carry much (since he probably only weighed an ounce), but he carried a tiny vile of poison. He flew it over to the cane rat’s house, and being so small as not to be noticed, he put a few drops of poison into the cane rat’s morning coffee. The cane rat died, of course, and The Bearded Man was once again able to get bookings in North America. So you see, the moral of the story is: you reap what you sow, and any action you do to or for another will come back to you tenfold in the future, so better be nice now or suffer the consequences later!

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