Funny note: note the short power failure in the lights at approx. 1:59m!

Episode 4 for the “Armin Only Mirage Tour. Acoustic hotel room sessions” is online! Every Armin Only show brother Eller plays Armin’s songs or songs related to Armin Only acoustically in hotel rooms. This time it’s “Closer”, by Susana. They gathered in a hotel room in Beirut, Lebanon to capture a jammed version of the song. The result is what you hear in this video. It’s all authentic, without rehearsals.

Note from Eller himself: “There was an error in the recording of the guitar. Some parts you hear are original, some measures are redone. The version we did was way too beautiful to do it completely over again. We didn’t want to loose the moment over a bad cable, making cracky noises. It’s just bits of the guitar parts, the vocals are still original. If you listen closely, you’ll hear it. I tried to redo what I did in the first place, but as I was originally improvising this wasn’t an easy thing to do.”

Check more acoustic versions related to Armin Only or from the “Mirage” album, here on the Armada YouTube channel.

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