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Sometimes, a title just cant be more fitting to its track. Storm Storm is one of them. A stormer of a track, still resounding on todays dancefloors. It was 1998, the year in which the dance scene exploded and made the European ground tremble with its beats. Some of those beats came straight from the studio of German producer duo Jam and Spoon. Jam and Spoon, consisting of Rolf Ellmer and the in 2006 deceased Markus Löffel, have had a series of hits on their name, of which Time To Burn, Animal and Storm are probably the biggest.

Armada Music is now re-releasing their biggest hits, and Storm is about to hit in. This pack is not just a re-release though, cause a brand new remix has been added to its pack. The deep beat, maddening house sound and rough edge to Storm makes it a timeless classics, fit for years to come. So far, weve known the energetic remixes of BK & Nick Sentience and Hooligan, that have been sweeping the floors for years already. With a fresh remix by tech-trances finest producers Mark Sherry & Dr. Willis, the Stormrelease is more than fit for todays peak time moments on the floor.

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