Surfaces Vol. 1: Plastic is now available:

Simon & Shaker presents Surfaces Vol. 1: Plastic
Spanish Armada Music ambassadors Simon & Shaker are hitting back hard with their new compilation album Surfaces Volume 1: Plastic. These Spanish guys started a journey through music industry, and 50 successful productions later still have their sights fixed to the future. The sound of Simon Garcia and Karim Shaker is one that is hard to define. To some, it might be tech-house, while others describe it as progressive house. But one things for sure: its diverse, catchy, deep and infectious. This CD mix is one of the expressions of Surfaces. An impeccable musical selection of sounds overlapping, inspired by materials that make reality tangible. In this first volume of Surfaces, Simon & Shaker will enclose every human body cell with pure listening pleasure.
Surfaces is the fusion point where sound and matter become one.