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The Magic island is once again open to visitors. Just to give you an idea of what it’s like over there: hot temperatures, clear blue skies, turquoise waters and of course soothing summer sounds to celebrate your visit. Balearic sounds expert Roger Shah — introducing the world to the miracle of Balearic trance with his Magical Island label — once again gathered his favorites of the ‘Magic Island — Music For Balearic People Vol.3’ compilation to a sampler.

Like the previous sampler, it showcases the sounds of various upcoming talents. Firstly, Shah presents you DJ and producer Roland Kempny. Born in the Czech Republic but in the meantime living in London, he now presents ‘Change’, under his Ronny K. moniker. This dreamy uplifting trancer is full of euphoric synth-lines, setting the mood right for any beachparty — whether imaginary or real.

Once you’ve caught some inner sunbeams, you’re all ready track 2, ‘Natural Wonders’. When thinking about the polar day and night phenomena of Sweden, it’s no surprise to see what inspired its producer David Hedlund to the track title of this Semantica summer beauty.

Asbjørn Hegdahl, better known as Serafim, makes sure the focus of this sampler stays on the northern part of Europe. The guitar-driven ‘Terra Icognita’ is an emotive, sun-splashed instrumental, providing you the warm feel-good buzz of being on holiday.
All together, the three of them make up for a perfect playlist for a short beach-break, hosted by your speakers.

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