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Three UK talents bundle their strength on the Aropa label. Scott Lowe, Duncan Brewer & Dan Winter present three magnificent highlights, coming together in the ‘Together We Will Be’ E.P.!

Where there’s three men in the studio, there’s three opinions and three different tastes in music. That diversity is reflected in the debut release of this passionate trio, with each piece of music having its own feel and character.

‘Together We Will Be’ is the most melodic and emotional of them, providing you nothing but quality uplifting trance. ‘Summer Solstice’ has that typical sun-drenched feel-good sound of trance, taking you right back to that hot summer night on the beach. ‘City Lights’ combines all different sorts of elements, from tender piano-play to a soothing synth of melodic waves. This one’s mesmerizing till the very last beat.
We’re pretty sure you’ll be hearing a lot more of these guys in the future.

1. Together We Will Be (Original Mix)
2. Summer Solstice (Original Mix)
3. City Lights (Original Mix)
4. Together We Will Be (Radio Edit)
5. Summer Solstice (Radio Edit)
6. City Lights (Radio Edit)