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When producing trance, there’s one thing that’s got to be absolutely perfect. The melody. What moved you, moves your listeners. If anyone understands, it’s UK producer talent Rory Gallagher. His ‘Dark Side of the Sun’ was a highly danceable anthem, bursting with melodic strength.
This year, he returns with some new musical artillery. And he’s not on his own. Together with fellow-producer Mike Lane, he presents the Soundpiercing E.P. of ‘Eclipse’ and ‘Skyline Cafe’. ‘Eclipse’ is an energetic trancer that rides a warm, sun-drenched melody, fusing with progressive depth. It’s that one track you’ll be having stuck on replay for weeks. Same goes for ‘Skyline Cafe’, the more playful and progressive B-side to this one. It flows like a musical wave of warm, deep-blue melody, completely mesmerizing as it unfolds in the break.

Two summer anthems for the trance fanatics!