Out the 20th of december!

Awarded with the 34th position in the annual DJ Mag Top 100 poll, German born but Balearic hearted Roger Shah recalls summer again and again. And all that with his Ibiza-inspired sounds. He started the warmest season with the third wave of his Magic Island mix series, before delivering the third artist album under his Sunlounger alias. Taken from that one, his latest summer-sounding release ‘Beautiful Night’ is ready to beam the sun strokes straight into your living room.
Playful melodies and tingling synth-lines is what ‘Beautiful Night’ is all about! But that’s not all Sunlounger has to offer. UK-based singer Antonia Lucas adds an emotional, melodramatic feel to the track’s dreamy atmosphere. All together, the track hits in with the famous, delicate Balearic trance sound Roger is known and loved for.
The flip side awaits you with three diverse remixes. Ralph Fritsch, one half of Roger’s Black Pearl project, delivers an atmospheric translation of ‘Beautiful Night’, with a fat, bold bass-line in the back. Swedish DJ and producer Kim Svärd rides the darker sounds. His deep progressive sounds are surrounding a melodic, warm core of sound and offer quite the contrary to The Groove Guys remix of the track. Their warm house sounds will put you in a radiating sun, instantly.