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With its white landscapes and snow-puppets, winter may be a very beautiful time of year. But there’s one thing missing: summer. Luckily there’s the Magic Island label to keep you warm. This time, headmaster of the Balearic chill movement, Roger Shah, turns cold snow to white sand and warm, fuzzy feelings. This EP doesn’t only have the summer soul, but also a variety of influences. ‘Eden’ is the promising team-up of Dutch DJ and producer Leon Bolier, a must-see name known of hits ‘Poseidon’, ‘No Need To Come Back’ and ‘Back In Time’. Together, the set forth a combination of all the right clicks, bits, pieces and sounds, coming together in the wonderful ‘Eden’. Representing both significant sounds, balanced out till the very last beat. Ever open to new talent, Roger once again collaborated with a promising producer on his new single ‘Lay Down’. Ross Lara, hailing from the US, had the honour to share the production desk with him. With Todd Wright’s remarkable voice on top of happenings, the trio delivers a catchy, melodic piece that’ll get stuck in your head for days! The same goes for Johnny Yono’s deep translation of ‘Lay Down’. His remix transforms the original to a progressive piece of bold bass and vocoded vocals – without ever losing its heartfelt atmosphere.