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“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”, a Roman philosopher once said. In the case of Roger Shah’s first single of his new album, it’s more than just luck. It’s an extraordinary piece of music, an ensemble of the great Irish lady Moya Brennan and Balearic trance producer Roger Shah. It’s ‘Morning Star’ that’s going to indulge the trance loving souls from its very first play on.
When the opportunity came by to collaborate with the first lady of Celtic Music, Shah didn’t hesitate a second. Moya Brennan, a living legend, has a musical history most of us can only dream of. 25 albums lie behind her, as well as 20 million record sales. She won a Grammy award and BAFTA, worked with the world’s leading producers in both music and film and is still going strong after nearly 40 years of singing professionally. Roger Shah is one of the few EDM producers that’s had the chance to work with her, so it’s no surprise he tried to make the best out of it.
‘Morning Star’ builds like a typical Shah record: rippling the electronic waters with an energetic yet gentle build-up, unfolding into a warm, mesmerizing and melodic tour de force. Moya’s angelic, calming voice arouses like a cozy dream to wake up from. She carries ‘Morning Star’ to a higher level, as the mind shivering beats of Roger Shah will get move you in much more than a physical way. ‘Morning Star’ is a dream within a dream and will highlight each moment it’s carried upon the sound waves.
If you’re in need of some trance fury, the Signum remix will take you in with a danceable, tech-trancy remix of this beat-beauty. The ‘Pumpin Island remix’ on the other hand, goes for an edgy rocktronica sound, bursting into feel-good energy at its grand finale. Last but not least, there’s the Uplifting Dub, for those that need a combo of the emotional original, with an energetic kick of the dub. Less vocals, more melody.

Directed by Ciro Ayala, Produced by Provoke Films