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Exactly 15 years after the first Push release, the legendary guise of Belgian producer Mike Dierickx returns with a new album. Suitably called ‘Global Age’, this artist album kicks off a new phase in Mike’s career. A career that covers up more than hundred releases and 6 albums, under more than 60 different aliases. Growing, aging and gaining more experience with every track he produced, Mike has grown out to be one of the most respected producers the dance scene has to offer. Though every release he’s had is a perfect example of his versatile sound, it was the Push alias that left an everlasting footprint on the minds of dance music lovers. Time to revive and revamp this moniker. Push: “The time was right to bring back where everybody was waiting for. You got the pros, you got the contras. But I just want to make music that I love without having the feeling people telling me what to do! I dont want to go back in time again and live on forever on previous successes. Im not in competition with myself, I just strive to a new global sound ,trying to be innovative as much as I can.”

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