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Up and coming producer Protoculture presents a new gem on the Re*Brand label. ‘Topaz’ washes over with a warm, melodic flow, crawling under your skin in no time. Nate Raubenheimer is going places.

Hailed as one of the must-hear names of 2010 and 2011, heavily supported by the DJ elite and making waves with tracks like ‘Early Bird’, ‘Sun Gone Down’, ‘Liquid Logic’ and his collab remix of ‘Grace – Not Over Yet’. The South African producer has all reason to be in the spotlight.

Each of his releases have that warm, characteristic feel, without lacking a bit of experiment. ‘Topaz’, his new single, fuses deep, synth-driven melody with the energy of prog-trance. A powerful track that’ll put each crowd it meets into a frenzy!

No one less than Re*Brand label owner Max Graham, a great fan of Protoculture’s w ork, took on the remix duties on this jewel. His version of ‘Topaz’ takes you in with heavy bass, deep melody and a lush, dreamy piece of piano play, giving the track that extra silver lining.

1.Topaz (Original Mix)
2.Topaz (Max Graham Remix)