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Max Graham has toured the world many times over since ‘Airtight’ broke him onto the scene in 2001. During his no stop schedule his sound changed and diversified. He played some techno, made some electro (‘Crank’ was a Beatport number one) and even had some fun with an 80’s remake of ‘Owner of a Lonely Heart’. However, as hearts do, he returned full circle to his first love — the melody and emotion of trance and progressive. Back in 2004, he teamed up with the amazing Jessica Riddle for his underground hit ‘Gone’ which struck a chord with trance fans due to the captivating violins and haunting vocals. During the same period he also produced the classic ‘Does She Know Yet’ which Armin himself made a mainstay in his sets. Due to a heavy touring schedule, moving cities and his passion for touring and playing live, Max had yet to create an artist album. Until now.

Max:”After 15 years of moving through different styles of dance music, I have finally decided on a collection that I feel represents what I have to say.” And does it ever! After taking 2008/09 off to focus on another business, Max returned to the studio with newfound inspiration and a commitment to making his first artist album, entitled Radio.

Clearly the creativity is flowing, as Max returned to the scene with a monster hit ‘Sun in the Winter’ played by everyone who’s anyone in the Trance/ Progressive scene. With stirring vocals by Neev Kennedy, the track has captured the hearts of trance fans around the world. Also, Max reunited with Jessica Riddle for two tracks on the album. The captivating ‘Goodbye’ is a downtempo bit that showcases Jessica’s sincere vocals at a lower BPM and as a bonus track, the Whelan and DiScala remix of the 2004 hit ‘Gone’ — retitled ‘I Know You’re Gone’. Radio contains another vocal summer smash called ‘Nothing Else Matters’ with vocals by Ana Criado. As a follow up to ‘Sun in the Winter’ it will be released with the rest of the album in June. Beyond the vocal dance tracks, Max has included a classic from 2004, ‘Does She Know Yet’ (Dusky 2010). Max:”I really wanted to revisit this riff, I’ve learned a lot in the studio since then and it’s something the generation of people clubbing today has not heard. It felt like the right time for me to re-do it, to hear it bigger and better.”

Here it is, Max Graham’s long overdue and eagerly awaited first artist album. From ‘Sun in the Winter’ to ‘Nothing Else Matters’. From the classic re-done ‘Dusky 2010’ to the lovely ‘Goodbye’, this is a timeless collection of different electronic vibes — there’s plenty for the dance floor, but it’s also very ‘listenable’, as the saying goes.

“I’ve learned a lot about myself in all these years of touring and being completely immersed in music and ‘Radio’ encompasses a lot of that learning. I hope you feel what I feel when I listen to this album.” — Max

Radio will be release June 25th.

1. Gone Before It Starts (Vs KiloWatts)
2. Carbine
3. Downforce
4. Dusky 2010 (Does She Know Yet)
5. Out of the Fire
6. Sun in the Winter (Feat Neev Kennedy)
7. Nothing Else Matters (Feat Ana Criado)
8. Ceviche (Feat Jo Tabasco
9. Goodbye (Feat Jessica Riddle)
10. The Darkest of Nights
11. Don’t Leave Yet
12. I Know You’re Gone (Feat Jessica Riddle,
(Whelan and DiScala Full Length Remix)