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Back in 2003, Australian musicians Ben Grayson, Brian Canham and Matilda White found themselves right on top of the whirling dance scene. Two years after their very first production, they hit magic with their ‘Sanctuary’, the very first release of Armada’s Bandung imprint and unrivalled classic in the hearts of countless dance lovers.

Now, right in mid 2010, the EDM scene embraces it once more. ‘Sanctuary’, with its remarkable vocal and soothing prog-house sound, has been remade by some of today’s most promising producers.
Canadian producer Arnej, who put us under his spell with ‘The Strings That Bind Us’, ‘The Day Will Come’ and ‘They Need Us’, offers an energetic prog-trance rework of ‘Sanctuary’, once again revealing his heavy-hearted, deep sound. A deep and warm prog-house translation is presented by two upocoming Dutch talents. Dan Gafry & Michael More gave Matilda’s mesmerizing vocals a melodic synth-line back-up, keeping it groovy and playful.

Two deep dives into soul-soothing progressive sounds, re-shaping musical history!