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Look, we might as well admit it: The Bearded Man spends more time in Vegas than he probably should. Granted, it’s something we don’t fully understand. We’ve always felt that Vegas is good for a few days, but it gets pretty old after that. Still, there’s something in his feisty nature that draws The Bearded Man back to Sin City time and again. After a pool party some years ago, our gentle warrior went to see Bill Cosby do standup (yeah, Bill Cosby, can you believe it? What year would *that* have been??). Cosby’s set was pretty decent, and one of the takeaway points was a nice piece where he talked about how Vegas’s high-class ladies of the evening had the uncanny ability to make each passerby feel so special. He said: “They’ll look at you in a way that you’ll think you’re the only guy in the room. But watch out, because they’re only after your money.” And sure enough, when The Bearded Man left the comedy club, he saw a stunning girl sitting at the bar staring him down. She *did* make him feel special. She *did* make him feel like he was the only guy in the room. He wondered if Cosby’s prophecy was coming true… Then he saw another girl at the other end of the bar doing the same thing. Then another. Then another… “Surely they can’t ALL be…” he thought to himself. Then he remembered that he’s The Bearded motherf***ing Man, and that this shiz happens all the time. Nothing to see here folks, nothing to see here.

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