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Very few tracks in 2010 shook the core of dancefloors worldwide bigger than ‘Sky Traffic’, the smash hit produced by Romania’s Adrian Ivan under his Mr. Pit guise. The dust has barely settled, but he is back with another double EP that harnesses bagfuls of momentum in its own right. Stamina has been established as a regular Global DJ Broadcast World Tour player, featuring in the Bucharest and Best of 2010 Toronto editions. The track is much in the same vein as Sky Traffic, a big room melody embroiled in a huge dose of tech-influenced trance. The original mix suits those who like their melodies throughout, and the club mix is available for that necessary dancefloor groove. All eyes in Coldharbour have been fixated on Prague in recent times, most notably for the release of Markus Schulz’s Transmission theme ‘Future Cities’. In that very same set, one of the highlights proved to be ‘Overload’, with the Czech faithful in awe of its throbbing bassline style. Both tracks are built and primed for the dancefloor, and as the clubs across Europe and North America begin to reopen after their Christmas break, Stamina and Overload will provide precisely what the clubbers want.