Moussa Clark & Terrafunka – She Wants Him
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She wants him, so badly. Knows what she wants to be.
If you havent heard of these lyrics before, youve surely been missing an essential piece of music. The words are taken from megahit The Police Dont stand so close to me, and has been revamped with new vocals in Moussa Clarkes club destroyer She Wants Him.

Swiss born DJ/producer Moussa Clarke has a worldwide reputation for igniting dance floors from London to Moscow to Tokyo and back again. Moussa moved to the UK at the age of 12, where he grew up with a passion for emotive dance music and being influenced by 80s pop music. But more than anything, he was hit by house music. After partying for several years he decided to work his passion and hit the decks at the age of 18 and start producing. He hasnt stopped ever since. After over 150 tracks and remixes crediting his name and the set up of his own record label Oven Ready, Moussa is now ready to another success to his basket.

She Wants Him is about to rock your world with its steady pacing beat, tiny mind-blowing effects and a capturing, sensitive yet swinging melody on top of all of this. Moussa took the song to a totally different level and refined it with his infecting sound, which combined with the vocals results in a guaranteed moment of full impact. Itll leave you speechless.

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