‘Where You Wanna Go’ is out now!
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Mischa Daniels has always known what direction to head in. It has been music all the way, from the very point that he discovered the wonder of it, to the time being now. Now’s an exciting time for the Dutchman, for he’s finally taken the next step in his career. He’s gathered his 15 years of DJ- and 10 years of producing-experience and is proud to present his debut album: ‘Where You Wanna Go’.

Playing the trumpet since the age of 7 and finding out about the genre so many have fallen for, EDM, as a 12 year-old, Mischa Daniels was caught by the dance bug before having the legal clubbing age. That didn’t stop him though. He won his first DJ contest on national radio aged 16 and released his first production, ‘Pumping Groover’, in 2002. In the meantime, he’s had grand successes with his ‘Take Me Higher’, ‘Are You Dreaming’, ‘Disconnected’, Natasha Hamilton collab ‘Round & Round’, De Nuit remake ‘All That Mattered’ and ‘Mega’, released on his very own Fame Recordings, launched at Armada Music in 2005. ‘Round and Round’ even made it to the Top 10 of the Billboard Dance Chart USA, as well as being the number 1 in Brazil for 4 weeks in a row. ‘Take Me Higher’ was rocking the Top 3 of most played dance tracks on Ibiza, was hammered by the big jocks, got a 4 round play on Pete Tong’s BBC Radio 1 and was featured on the legendary ‘Subliminal Records’ by Erick Morillo. Mischa’s sound never loses its groovy, big-room house touch, with an emotional and dance floor-moving feel to every single production. That same housy sound, highly contagious, is found on ‘Where You Wanna Go’, an album that won’t leave your stereo anytime soon.

Mischa is still on his way, heading deeper and deeper into the world of house music. In 2010, he is up for another milestone in his career, by releasing his first and highly anticipated artist album, ‘Where You Wanna Go’. Inspired by years of experience in front of the crowd and behind the production desk, it awaits you with a diverse combination of playful synth-lines, deep grooves and a cheeky attitude. 15 tracks, including collabs with Tara McDonald, J-Son, Ifan, Mitch Crown, Colton Ford and more, that all need to be played out loud. With the album, Mischa Daniels gives directions on where to go to: straight to the dancefloor, no matter where that is to you.

01 Me & You (feat. I-fan)
02 Answer My Call (feat. I-fan)
03 Child Of Love (feat. I-fan)
04 Out Of The Shadows (feat. I-fan)
05 She’s Rock & Roll (feat. Mitch Crown)
06 Mega
07 Once More (feat. Colton Ford)
08 Renegade (feat. Jerique)
09 Beats For You (feat. Tara Mc Donald)
10 The Story (feat. Colton Ford)
11 Simple Man (with Sandro Monte feat. J-Son)
12 Where You Wanna Go (feat. J-Son)
13 No More (feat. Gerideau)
14 Won t Let You Down (feat. Blain)
15 Got Bounce (feat. Johnny Kelvin)

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