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In October 2010, Dutchman Mischa Daniels reached another milestone in his 9 years as a professional producer/DJ. With the release of his debut artist album ‘Where You Wanna Go’, he gave the global EDM-society a clear direction where to head off to — straight to the dancefloor! Taken from this masterpiece which features only the finest of house sounds, he already scored sky-high chart positions with house smashers like ‘Beats For You’ and the album’s title track ‘Where You Wanna Go’.
As the third single release from ‘Where You Wanna Go’, Mischa’s team up ‘Child Of Love’ with Dutch singer and songwriter Ivan Peroti a.k.a. I-fan is in the starting blocks of conquering your musical world. Delightful synths and catchy vocals go hand in hand with pure summer spirit. Mischa’s ‘Anthem Mix’, on the contrary, takes you in with bold bass and tight sounds that’ll get the dance society moving anytime.
On the remix, Mischa invited Dutch duo Simon and Daniel a.k.a. Solid Gaz to join the party. They dropped the tempo of ‘Child Of Love’s a bit, added some harder house beats and present you an outstanding prog-house-translation.