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Breathing music for nearly 20 years and about to reveal his debut album, makes Matt Darey one of the musical promises of 2012. As the first single of his upcoming album, ‘Hold Your Breath’ ft. Leah kicks off a new chapter in the career of the pioneer.
One of the latest signings of Armada Music is no one less than Matt Darey. Responsible for countless, timeless classics, quality remixes and outstanding DJ sets, makes his debut album a long-awaited piece in EDM history. Today brings a first glance into the future, with ‘Hold Your Breath’ about to set fire down the clubs.
From the piano-driven, warm and emotionally moving Tom Lue mix, to the energetic, prog-trancy David Forbes remix and deep, hard-hitting KHoMha interpretation, ‘Hold Your Breath’ might very well take your breath away!

1.Hold Your Breath (KhoMha Remix)
2.Hold Your Breath (KhoMha Airplay Mix)
3.Hold Your Breath (David Forbes Remix)
4.Hold Your Breath (David Forbes Airplay Mix)
5.Hold Your Breath (Tom Lue Remix)
6.Hold Your Breath (Tom Lue Radio Edit)
7.Hold Your Breath (Original Mix)