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With the dust settled on an enthralling Summer of Schulz 2010, the winter months are coming closer, as is the time for annual reflection. And when Markus Schulz gathers this thoughts encapsulating the previous 12 months, one of the outstanding achievements will be his personal homage to one of the most thriving clubbing conglomerates found anywhere worldwide, through his annual city compilation, Las Vegas ’10.

The sign of his affection started with the track ‘Sin City’ under his Dakota moniker in 2009, continued with the 2010 compilation in February, and now comes into sharp focus once again with the next single release from his critically acclaimed Do You Dream artist album.

Found at the epicentre of Las Vegas clubbing is The Palms Casino & Resort, and inside lies a nightclub whose admiration continues to grow week by week. It is a night which now features regularly in Markus’ extensive tour schedule, and the legacy of this club continues to grow alongside his own.

Therefore, his next single is aptly named after the club in question, entitled, ‘Rain’.

The original is now a familiar staple through Markus’ monthly live World Tour expeditions on his Global DJ Broadcast radio show, featuring in cities such as Moscow, London and Budapest. The break provides a real hands-in-the-air moment for a live audience, with a melody guaranteed to hook the listener in and not let go.

With the original regarded as one of the defining pieces of his Do You Dream album, Markus was faced with the challenge of assembling remix projects to add a further dimension to Rain. And as a result, he turned to two names which can count themselves as modern-day heroes of Coldharbour.

The first is a man who needs no introduction, who kicked off 2010 with a stunning remix of Rex Mundi’s Opera of Northern Ocean, and cemented his legacy even further by bringing the sacred Language by Hammer & Bennett back to life for the Coldharbour 100 celebrations. And now, Dutchman Finne Jager delivers arguably his biggest remix to date, giving Rain a serious injection of power and euphoria. Phynn’s efforts were fully exploited to capacity crowds at New York’s Electric Zoo Festival and Toronto’s Labour of Love in September, as well as the closing weeks of the Ibiza season at Amnesia, and his remix now one of the most requested tunes in Markus’ livesets today.

However, also delivering an imagination-capturing remix is Los Angeles-based duo Michael Calderone and Austin Hall, better known to many as The Space Rockerz. They made their mark on Global DJ Broadcast earlier this year with their track “Weather the Storm” chalking up a multitude of plays in a few short months, and followed it up with a big remix of Skytech’s “Comet”. Their remix was debuted to the world at Markus’ last appearance for Rain in Las Vegas itself, and grabbed lots of attention on the Global DJ Broadcast a few weeks later.

Through Rain, Markus Schulz rolls the dice and brings a piece of Las Vegas and showcases it to the world. And judging by the reactions of audiences both live and on radio, he has produced a winner.