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Eide feat. Cat Martin – Give It Up (Original Mix)

Heat descends from this second album Sampler on the Magic Island label. Featured on the ‘Magic Island -Music For Balearic People Volume 2’ compilation, as selected by Roger Shah himself, the tracks on this sampler will surely receive a warm welcome by the Balearic minded trance lovers.

Sindre Eide, who’s Norwegian name has been all over the place since his ‘Alive Again’ and ‘Poivere’, delivers his first vocal track, ‘Give It Up’. The dreamy vocals on the track come from no one less than Cat Martin, who’s voice has been in our heads ever since ‘Love Always Fades’. Progressive trance seems to be the exact right genre for her soothing sound, especially when it’s backed up by beats of one of the most promising trance talents of the moment. ‘Give It Up’ is a track that hits in deep, ripples your senses and stays there for quite a while, long enough to never be forgotten. Whether you like it in its Dub, Original or more trancy Evangelos remix.

On the flipside, there’s two options. You either go for chilled-out progressive in the true Balearic sound with ‘Hold Me Love Me’ or you fire away with the uplifting, peak time trance in ‘Above The Clouds’. Whichever sound gets your liking, Belgian producer Fast Distance and Spanish colleague Dimension have given the best of both worlds on these beauties of tracks.

01 Eide feat. Cat Martin – Give It Up (Original Mix)
02 Eide feat. Cat Martin – Give It Up (Dub Mix)
03 Eide feat. Cat Martin – Give It Up (Evangelos Remix)
04 Eide feat. Cat Martin – Give It Up (Evangelos Dub Mix)
05 Fast Distance vs. Dimiension – Above The Clouds (Original Mix)
06 Fast Distance vs. Dimiension – Hold Me Love Me (Original Mix)

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