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Featured track is: Roger Shah presents Savannah – Body Lotion (Inspirations Mix)

Memories of warm long days at the beach, when you forgot your worries and time was on your side. With some nice, chilly music on, as you looked out over sea, with the sun reflected in over thousands of waves. Magic Island – Music for Balearic People is bringing this all back to you. Roger Shah has captured summer spirit once again. This German producer/DJ seems to be suffering from an incurable sunstroke, resulting in brilliant productions with the most sunny melodies, delicate laidback beats and sensitive vocals.

After his successful Songbook, Another Day On the Terrace and Sunny Tales albums, Shah is now back with Magic Island Music For Balearic People. Roger recently teamed up with Armada to start his own imprint there: Magic Island. This label will be the home base to many of Shahs beauties and discoveries. To celebrate this fact, Shah is now introducing everyone to his beloved sound on Magic Island – Music for Balearic People.

Roger Shah started flexing his production muscles in 1999, releasing tracks like The Mission, Claps and Tides of Time. In 2003, High caused a new range of high proclaimed releases, eventually leading to Who Will Find Me, Shahs team up with singer Adrina Thorpe, which was praised by no one less than Armin van Buuren, who stated the song was his personal favourite in 2007. But besides that massive, mesmerizing track, Roger Shah produced under several guises, like Sunlounger and Global Experience, resulting in big hits like White Sand and Madras. Recently, Roger teamed up with Armin van Buuren and Chris Jones and gave birth to Going Wrong, the first single of Armins Imagine artist album.

On Magic Island – Music for Balearic People, Roger Shah has captured the best Balearic tracks and turned them into a warm and emotional mixture of magical sounds, perfectly representing the sound of the Magic Island imprint. Want to warm up in these cold winter months coming up? Then make sure to play this one.

Tracklist CD 1:
1. Alongshore – Ocean and Breeze (Original Mix)
2. Alongshore – Sunset and Pina Colada (Original Mix)
3. Alex Hentze – Sokaribe (LD pres. Tello & Lioy Ceballos Remix)
4. Naico & Evangelos – A Sunset Apart (Original Mix)
5. Chimera State – Asia (Original Mix)
6. Fast Distance & Suncoast – Puerta del Sol (Original Mix)
7. Sunlounger & Zara – Lost (Club Mix)
8. Ralph Fritsch – Phoenix (Original Mix)
9. Brian Laruso & Leanna Mosley – Live Love & Believe (Original Mix)
10. Moonforce – Pacific Moon (Original Mix)
11. San Antonio Harbour – Romantic Avenue (Original Mix)
12. Aerian – Evenfall (Original Mix)
13. LavKastor – Ssab (Euforia Festival Original Mix)
14. Renov8 & Euphorik – Passive Pressure (Original Mix)
15. Deep Nights – Memories of Love (Balearic Mix)
16. Roger Shah – Magic Island, Music for Balearic People, Vol. 1 (Full Continuous DJ Mix By Roger Shah)

Tracklist CD 2:
1. Inshia – Niavara (Original Mix)
2. Der Mystik, Alex Reliic & Perplexity – Bahia (Original Mix)
3. Sean Summers – Mirage (Original Mix)
4. High Noon At Salinas – Whales (Original Rework)
5. Mesmerized – Pearl Maker (Original Mix)
6. Amex – World Doesn’t Care (Original Mix)
7. Roger Shah & Tenishia – You’re So Cool (Original Mix)
8. Nisha – Spirit of Ha’ (Original Mix)
9. Black Pearl – Java (Original Mix)
10. Ronny K. – Seashore (Guitar Mix)
11. Sunlounger, Ca-p & Stephanie Asscher – Heart of the Sun (Roger Shah’s Magic Island Dud)
12. Coastline & Madelin – Alone With You (Bissen Mix)
13. DJ Shah & Adrina Thorpe – Back to You (Original Mix)
14. Roger Shah & Savanah – Body Lotion
15. Samara – Verano (Fast Distance Uplifting Mix)
16. Roger Shah – Magic Island, Music for Balearic People, Vol. 2 (Full Continuous DJ Mix By Roger Shah)

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