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UK producer Luke Bond keeps the warm, flowing energy of trance going with his new track ‘Amaze’, perfectly at home on the Future Sound of Egypt label!
One of the biggest trance tracks of 2010, was the stunning musical piece of ‘Atlantis’, created by British duo Neptune Project and Luke Bond. This time, the UK producer takes a little musical trip of his own, with ‘Amaze’ showing us he’s definitely no one-hit-wonder. ‘Amaze’ has the energy and build-up of a raw techy track, but the break of a strong, sensitive and emotional trancer. It flows right in, leaving every clubber it meets in a state of awe.
Egyptian duo Fady & Mina, still recovering from their debut release on the FSOE label, have brought ‘Amaze’ even more warmth and uplifting energy, while the remix of Philippe El Sisi heads for the proggy side of things.

1.Amaze (Original Mix)
2.Amaze (Fady & Mina Remix)
3.Amaze (Philippe EL Sisi Remix)