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When dance music tracks are remixed, its usually with a banging new bassline or a twist on the original vocal. When Finnish producer Lowland decided to rework 14 of Armadas most classic anthems, it wasnt the effects box he reached for it was a full-scale orchestra.
Thrillseekers Synaesthesia, Armin van Buurens Communication, Robert Miles Children and more have been given an extraordinary new lease of life in a completely unexpected direction and it might just surprise a few people both inside and out of dance music.
Dismissing the synthesizers, equalizers and special effects in favour of strings, wind, percussion and brass, Lowland destroys the notion that trance is just mindless music for the masses.
Instead BTs Flaming June, Solarstones Seven Cities and Energy 52s Café Del Nar, totally come into their own. Soaring violin sections, delicate piano compositions, haunting wind arrangements and at the centre, tunes you will have raised your hands to the lasers for at some point in your life.
Perfectly chilled and beautifully arranged, Classical Trancelations is an album that will surprise both trance and classical musical fans in its ability to straddle both genres.

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