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A little Kismet break has proven to be an excellent way for Andreas Beiderwieden to regain inspiration for his beloved, prog-housy moniker. Heavyweight side steps under his Andrew Bennett alias, including the supreme remake of classic Age of Love and the upcoming Sir Adrian collab Run Till You Shine, have given Andreas a new spur of prog-house spirit.
Fruit is the tasty Surreal, parallel to previous Kismet releases Endorphine, Vita and Empty Streets but new in its fierce build-up. Deep bass, a dark melody and all the right effects to sweep the dancefloor. If youre a prog-house fan, you know you cant go wrong with Kismet.
Same goes for Dominic Greenes remix. The German producer toyed around with all of Surreals details, and brings in a more profound, progressive version of this club scorcher.

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