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Part of the Magic Island family, we’ve found the productions of Swedish producer Kim Svärd on Roger Shah’s ‘Music For Balearic People’ compilations twice already. After his debut track ‘You & I’, released in late 2009, he’s back with a new, lovely production, ‘Manne’s Song’.
Like his previous release, ‘Manne’s Song’ balances things out between uplifting and Balearic trance. Melodic, summery and absolutely stunning, it builds up a tingling piano-line to a huge soundscape. Whoever craves more of those effects is more than welcome to check out Kim’s ‘Emotional Mix’. On that one, he extended ‘Manne’s Song’ to a dramatic, heart-felt trance piece of emotion.
US producer Nuera unpacks the guitars on his remix of ‘Manne’s Song’. His translation sits at the deeper end but delivers uplifting moments in the same drive. A female vocal hailing from the back and soft progressive elements on top of all happenings turn this rework into an unusually diverse EP, which definitely deserves to hit the stores as the 50th release of Roger’s beloved Magic Island Records!