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Rounding off a year to remember, KhoMha holds back his ultimate best till last. Stashed inside the ‘Vapor’ E.P. is an arsenal bristling with weapons-grade floor movers.

Once again highlighting the Schulz protégé’s pan-genre appeal, they’re ready to bring just the right type of turbulence to a club floor near you.

Here comes ‘Dejavu’, ‘Dusk Riddles’, ‘Genesis’ and ‘Vapor’!

Until recently Columbia’s best-kept musical secret, throughout the course of the last year KhoMha has powered through into the global clubbing consciousness. Generating substantial word-of-mouth buzz through a succession of stateside turntable performances and production slam-dunks (‘Mind Gamer’ and runaway club hit ‘The Dark Knight’ among them), his presence has been felt in all four corners. That culminated with the 22 year-old’s mercurial accent up TranceAddict’s 250 rankings (climbing a 198 places to break its top 20) and, last week, the release of his debut mix- comp ‘Coldharbour Presents: KhoMha’.

From its very first beat the ‘Vapor E.P.’ dives straight for the jugular. ‘Dejavu’ dispenses high-impact drums and tremulous bass at will, before elevating in drop with M1 pianos and wildly oscillating synth lines. If you’re expecting the enigmatically titled ‘Dusk Riddles’ to cut you a tempo-and-tone break, well fugget about it. Housing things up with its manifesto of meaty beats, snapping percs and female vocal shouts, at the break it gives way to the mod wheel, which sets you on a collision course with a wall of dirty, distorted goodness!

1. Vapor (Original Mix)
2. Dejavu (Original Mix)
3. Dusk Riddles (Original Mix)
4. Genesis (Original Mix)
5. Vapor (Radio Edit)
6. Dejavu (Radio Edit)
7. Dusk Riddles (Radio Edit)
8. Genesis (Radio Edit)