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As they say, a little bit of kindness goes a long way… A young Bearded Man felt despondent and hopeless, after having been sold into a life of servitude together with his older sister Satsu by their parents. After being treated worse than dirt for most of his early childhood, his prospects seemed dim, even by Japanese pre World War II standards. As he stood on the small wooden bridge, looking out onto the river and a sea of people that seemed to be completely detached from his own reality, a kind gentlemen stopped by and tried to cheer him up. The older stranger bought The Bearded Man a cherry snow cone — a delicious treat that he couldn’t have ever afforded on his own. In a flash, the man disappeared, leaving behind a few coins to help The struggling Bearded Man on his way. Even though the coins would have provided enough fish and rice for a month, The Bearded Man instantly gave them away at a local temple, daring to let hope enter his heart for the first time in his young life. It was then and there that The Bearded Man decided he wanted to become a geisha once and for all. Oh wait… You know what? Crap. That’s actually the story of the 2005 cinematic masterpiece “Memoirs of a Geisha”. Funny, we really thought we were onto something there. Well, if we’re going to make The Bearded Man’s bizarre backstory coherent, you and I are gonna do this together.

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