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Karim Shaker is back from never-gone. No stranger to the global clubbing society, the Spanish DJ/producer makes his grand solo-entrance on the Electronic Elements label with his new track ‘A Leap of Faith’.

Karim Shaker has been in love with the never-ending beat of EDM for more than 15 years and became known as one half of tech-house duo Simon & Shaker. After years of successfully collaborating, the guys decided to head down the solo path. After his ‘Ambassador’, the Electronic Elements gets a first taste of his road to musical freedom with the deep and ingeniously melodic ‘A Leap Of Faith’. A heavy, loaded track, drawing you into its maze of intricate arranges, putting a melancholic touch to the ongoing beat of progressive.

Spanish producer David Granha was one of the invitees for remix duties on ‘A Leap of Faith’. His remix gives you o ne solid flow of melody, tech-house beats and an electrifying outburst of a break. The Synthetic remix stays on the deeper edge of prog-house, focusing on the pounding bass and warmth of the melody. Last but not least, Vulcan Boen gives you a stripped down ‘A Leap Of Faith’, big room in all ways and means.
1.A Leap Of Faith (Original Mix)
2.A Leap Of Faith (David Granha Remix)
3.A Leap Of Faith (Synthetic Remix)
4.A Leap Of Faith (Vulcan Boen Remix)