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Last week, a casual listener of The Bearded Man asked somewhat jokingly: “Does The Bearded Man ever get a case of the Mondays?” While obviously an attempt at getting underneath the thickest skin there is, there’s more to the question than first meets the eye. See, the word “Monday” originally meant “day of the moon”, and this is something The Bearded Man knows better than most. It’s true that in his more contemplative moments, The Bearded Man requires deep introspection and time to reflect on the lusciousness of his beard. When better to do this than while basking in the glow of the night? Our hero celebrates the day of the moon and remembers to look up towards ‘The Sky’. There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy, so just take a cue from Jyra and know that all will soon be well.

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