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Temptation is the name of the game for The Bearded Man. I mean, come on. When you look *that* good, and when your beard is *that* thick, pretty much every single woman on the planet wants you. It’s not sexist or judgmental, it’s just that The Bearded Man has to deal with his own share of problems that realistically have almost certainly never applied to you. Again, no offense, but if you’ve ever met the guy, you’ll know what we’re talking about. He basically lives in an Axe commercial 24/7, doing his best to keep hordes of multicultural supermodels away from him in each and every destination he visits. Whether he wears cologne or not, his natural scent is an aphrodisiac so powerful it would make Armani get out of the perfume business forever. The Bearded Man has often said that he couldn’t possibly fall in love with one woman — he’s in love with all of them. Unlike your garden variety bar-hopping d-bags, he actually means it, and it’s not just a cheesy pick-up line. That’s part of his universal appeal — he truly is a man of the people. At this point in his long, long, career, The Bearded Man knows it’s all about feeling good, whatever that might mean in any given moment. He’s never been one for remorse, and he’s never shied away from a risky situation. Still, would it kill you ladies, to give him a *little* breathing room *once* in a while?

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