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Planet earth makes an extra turn with the proggy power of Joseph Areas’ debut on AVA’s Blue label! He hits in with ‘Subtle Motion’ and ‘For An Instant’!
Based in Miami, American producer Joseph Areas is right at the beating heart of the US dance movement. But his beats stretch out far beyond the land of the supersized, as he stole the musical heart of AVA Recordings owner Andy Moor, and rocked his ‘Breaking The Silence Vol.2’ compilation with ‘Subtle Motion’.
After months of exclusivity, this contagious prog-trancer finally sees its releases. Subtle piano and strong vocal chops make ‘Subtle Motion’ a real stand-out track. ‘For An Instant’ rides that same deal, but takes you in with a playful, sturdy sound of warm, waving melody and thick, pounding bass.

1.Subtle Motion (Original Mix)
2.For An Instant (Original Mix)
3.Subtle Motion (Radio Edit)
4.For An Instant (Radio Edit)