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Every year, the clubbing society – along with the world’s best DJ’s – travel to the Spanish island, to celebrate life, love and passion for music. Its white sandy beaches, fancy clubs and incredible food make Ibiza the perfect destination for clubbers, whether they’re the hippy and happy-go-lucky type or on the look-out for champagne-sipping time.
No need to be on a fabulous yacht in the Balearic sea to experience the Ibiza-feeling though. Just turn up the volume on ‘Ibiza House Anthems 2011’ to get a feel of the hottest party island on the planet! 15 tracks will make you dance to the addictive rhythms of Tom Fall, tyDi, David Barnes, Michael de Kooker, Mr. Pit, Dabruck & Klein and many other gifted producers. From peak time pleasure to warm up jewels, you’ll find all of Ibiza’s essential House Anthems of the summer season on this one!