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Do the ‘Istanbul (Not Constantinople)’ dance!

The latest tune of Milan & Phoenix has given sound to summer. A favourite to many, it even made it to Sirius’ BPM playlist, and rules clubs, charts and radio stations. We’re talking about their remake of the catchy classic ‘Istanbul (Not Constantinople)’, a real feel-good tune that puts a big smile on your face. And so does the official music video! Have you learned the moves to the ‘Istanbul’ dance yet? No? Then it’s time you start practising, cause we want to see you move!

It’s not that hard! All it is, is a matter of practice. The official dance to ‘Istanbul (Not Constantinople)’ gets you swinging, shaking your body and move to its catchy beats. We’d love to see you do the dance, and that’s why we’re asking you to upload your video and send it to us! In the end, if we’ve gathered enough dance talent videos, we’ll make one big compilation video and you can be on it! So learn the tricks from the original music video here and start trying! Upload your video on YouTube and send us the link via [email protected]!