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This year, Balearic-minded DJ and producer Roger Shah invited us to his beloved Magic Island for the third time, with his ‘Music For Balearic People Vol. 3’ compilation. He took us on a tour into the deep, warm sounds of Dejan S, Dimension and Semantica, to name but a few. Since everyone enjoyed these little sunshine trips so much, he asks you to join him once more, with the fifth sampler of his beloved ‘Magic Island Vol. 3’ compilation.
Like the compilation’s previous samplers, this edition showcases the sounds of various upcoming talents. Producer Dennis Nygren kicks off the sampler with a track under the name of Kyrst. His sun-splashed production ‘Kata Sea Breeze’ features soothing, electrical guitar-sounds, beaming you straight to one of Thailand’s most beautiful beaches.

We extend our journey with Kryst, this time in collab with Roger Shah himself, under his High Noon At Salinas moniker. ‘Ocean Spray’ is already their second collab and is just as tempting as their previous ‘Virgin Kyle Beach’.
Perfectly fitting the feel-good sounds, with the temperature high up, is the brand new Tomac release, ‘Good Karma’. With lush guitar-lines, warm melodic waves and a bit of uplifting versus melancholic trance, this one’s a perfect addition to Roger’s Magical Island compilation. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy your little trip to the Balearic side of life!