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UK producer Marty Leama and James Davis create a fresh, experimental vibe on the Electronic Elements label. Under their Grafiti moniker, they kick in with ‘Fascination’!
A while back, it was their collab with The Steals on ‘Sinners’ that got the feet moving. This time, they’re sticking with the two of them, leaving some space to mess around with different styles, hooks and feed diversity. ‘Fascination’ is an 11 minute journey that never bores. Touching the very edge of electro, progressive and house, it’s got something extraordinary to offer for everyone.
If you’re meaning to focus on the proggy part of ‘Fascination’, indulge yourself with the lower BPM’s of the Dance Disorder remix, adding a dark feel to it. Chery Dosi headed for the deeper layers of music as well, presenting a warm, melodic remix.

1.Fascination (Original Mix)
2.Fascination (Chery Dosi Remix)
3.Fascination (Dance Disorder Remix)