Francesca Lombardo – Life of Leaf EP [OUT NOW] [Mini Mix]

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Francesca Lombardo unveils her highly anticipated debut LP, a collection of songs that are forward-thinking, powerful and made from the heart. Merging the world of electronic music with Francesca’s classical upbringing, ‘Life of Leaf’ promotes a creative process more focussed on vocal performance and live instrumentation than computers and synthesisers. The result, a deeply evocative record, set to soundtrack our lives for years to come.


1: Eye Ring (0:00)
2: Rain (1:27)
3: Kidding (2:44)
4: Paradise (3:48)
5: Skyshooters (4:52)
6: Time Machine (6:00)
7: Charlies Tapes (6:57)
8: Life Of Leaf (8:18)
9: Smiling Skies (9:15)
10: Call Me Wring (10:20)
11: You Sleep, You Don’t Sleep (11:29)

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