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When there’s five musicians that prefer their music to be ‘out of the box’, you know their collab has to be an outstanding piece of diversity. The Flash Brothers, the three brothers Ruben, Ilan and Shmual Flaisher, make up for a sound that sits between progressive, tech-house and trance music. Producer-duo Itay Kalderon and vocalist Meital de Razon, working under the EpiphOny moniker, complete the perfect line-up for a catchy prog-track.

The soul-soothing ‘More Than You Know’ captivates with lush down-tempo prog sounds. This gem of a track focuses on Meital’s stunning vocals, coming along with a bittersweet melody-line. An all-out goosebumps-inducer, atmospherically and heartfelt. Two projects, five influences, one great track!

Three more danceable versions of ‘More Than You Know’ await you on the remix-side. Dutch DJ and producer RAM pushes the tempo with a housy interpretation of trance. Amine Edge and Deluna have taken a shortcut and translated ‘More Than You Know’ into an unrivalled prog-house track. Da Fresh, known for their deep and moody sounds, prove that Meital’s vocals work more than well in its vocoded form as well.