FERR by Ferry Corsten – As Above So Below (Full Album Mix)

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Dear music lover,

Producing music has always been one of the biggest passions in my life. It’s hard to describe the feeling you get from putting all of your creative energy into one piece of sound. Combining that with a hectic touring life is an absolute dream for me. But like I said it’s a hectic life, one that requires sacrifices from yourself and your loved ones. Being on the road week in, week out and ensuring you can give the fans the live show experience they’ve come to see you for can be a real challenge. This means that, despite you sitting in the driver’s seat in the studio and creating music you feel passionately about, there’s also an opposite side to those creative moments in that subconsciously you are also making music to please others.

So with this new project I decided to make music for me. Taking all the craziness of this beautiful art form and siphoning it to what calms me down afterwards. In recent years I have discovered a profound love for cinematic, experimental and orchestral music and I have noticed that it has made me a more relaxed and focussed person. So, I felt this was the best place to start. Leaning in on my passion for these areas of music, I wanted to create a project of music that moves me, music that calms me down and although this is an album with music that I made for myself, I would like to share it with those who need are seeking serenity in the beautiful madness of their day-to-day lives… A chance to find their stillpoint.

Much love and respect,
Ferry Corsten

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